Curaçao - Dutch Caribbean

Located in the southwestern Caribbean, this hidden treasure is one of the three “ABC”  islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao). Recently Curaçao has become an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and enjoys political and social stability.

The Estate

The estate covers 2 former plantations including shore line, salt pans and a plantation house that is a Curaçao monument. Both plantations consist of undeveloped land situated within a natural, pristine surrounding considered ideal for a premier international tourist destination. See the video below for a clear aerial view.


Santa Martha Bay

Santa Martha Bay is a well protected natural inland bay in connection with the Caribbean Sea by a narrow inlet making it a natural marina basin.It forms an ideal location for any watersport conceivable.
Waypoint bay entrance:
N 12° 16`06. 18
W 069° 07`44 . 65

Historic Monument

San Nicolas plantation house, belongs to the most imposing residences in the Netherlands Antilles and are mostly built strategically on top of a hill from which they dominate the landscape visually and can profit from the cooling trade winds. The view of the surroundings is often panoramic and of a unknown beauty. The plantation house lies in the idyllically underdeveloped western part of the island and is dating back to the middle of the 18 th century.

Coastline & Beaches

The seafrontage mostly is comprised of coral rubble with a few natural sandy beaches.
The shallow calm waters, however, provide an excellent opportunity for the creation of high quality beach facilities.
The cristal blue water is of a pleasant temperature with the most spectacular coral reefs and tropical fish, countless secluded coves and inlets.

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Port San Nicolas Curacao