Nicolaas Shores Real Estate NV is resuming its efforts to attract potential investors with the intention of developing / selling the properties on offer.

Considering the size and quality of the San Nicolas and Groot Santa Martha estates, it seems nothing more than natural to create a unique combination between land and water.

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Property Overview

The property consists of 2 estates with the Santa Martha Bay nested in between. North of the natural marina is the San Nicolas Estate and bordering it’s south side is the Groot Santa Martha Estate. Both estates have access to the Caribbean Sea.

San Nicolaas


297 hectares (733 acres)

Officially approved and designated “Tourist and Permanent Residential Development Land” by the local Government, in accordance with Curaçao’s “Island Development Plan”

Groot Santa Martha


322 hectares (795 acres)

Officially designated “Open Land” by the local government, in accordance with Curaçao’s “Island Development Plan”; meaning feature development land.

Santa Martha Bay

Natural Marina

71 hectares (175 acres)

The two estates are seperated by the Santa Martha Bay. This bay is well protected by a narrow inlet and hills, making it ideal for harborage, small craft and water sports.

Project Development

All new proposals will be considered by our management team. A Master / Land Use Plan was previously conceived for Nicolaas Shores Real Estate N.V. consisting of:

  • Several hotel facilities (beachfront / boutique / marina hotel including yachtclub and apartments)
  • A marina village with 800 housing units including a public harbor
  • Casino faclilities
  • Two 18-hole championship golf courses (designed by Jim Fazio)

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